Why Group Coaching?



✓Group motivation and support
✓Topics that are tailor made to the group and not locked in to a set program
✓Being in a group is fun and there’s an enthusiastic atmosphere
✓Team building strategies
✓Great for encouraging insight and contributions from others
✓Being with like minded people in similar situations can make you feel better about yourself
✓Have the comfort of being in your office or other group setting

How it Works?

  • All our coaching sessions are 45- 60 minutes via online Skype/Facetime, face to face or telephone
  • The topics covered will come from the interest of the group
  • Supported documents will be distributed prior to the meeting
  • Email/ text support is encouraged between sessions
  • Scheduled meetings can be early mornings, during lunch hour or late in the day
  • There is flexibility should something transpire and a meeting has to be re-scheduled
  • Pre-payment plans available for 12 week session

Why Choose to Work with Me?

  • I am flexible to your needs
  • I don’t believe in a ‘one diet fits all’
  • I will focus on helping your group’s goals and individual needs
  • I don’t believe in rules, I believe in life
  • I will try to make things simple and easy – no counting points or calories
  • I’ll help you feel confident and better about the food choices you make
  • Even though we are in a group, I will give individual attention when needed
  • I will guide you through various topics in an engaging and fun manner
  • I have a proven track record and have worked in various groups ranging from 6 people to 100 people
  • I’ve been in the weight loss industry for over 12 years

It’s Time to Get a Group Together!

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