Has this ever happened to you? It has to me! 95% of the time my fridge is ready for anything – I usually have on hand hummus, cut veggies, washed fruit, a huge prepared salad, homemade dressing, goat cheese, hard boiled eggs… I think you get the picture.

On Wednesday my mother called and said that she’s coming over in a half an hour and what’s for lunch? I was caught completely off guard and had barely anything in my fridge. I had been really busy and it was just one of those things where I hadn’t made my grocery order yet.

First thing I did was put up some eggs to boil and then I looked in my fridge. I managed to find an English cucumber, some bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. And in that split second I decided to take out some cute bowls and make it look special.

So, with a little bit of nothing, I set a fabulous looking table for two and served a great lunch that was accompanied by what I call, ‘designer’ crackers (Artisan Crisps by Kii Naturals). I also had some pre-wrapped light mozzarella cheese, but that didn’t make the cut for my photo!

The moral of the story – it’s all about presentation. You don’t need to have company or a fancy lunch with different salads and other goodies in order to eat well. Instead of grabbing a handful of veggies or toast or a yogurt or anything else out of the fridge and multitask while you eat, make a new plan. Prepare your plate and decorate it with fruit fanned out, nicely cut veggies, a good protein source, and/or a whole grain carb, and sit down and enjoy.

This is a big game changer when you’re trying to eat a little healthier and more mindful. When you make your plate pretty to look at, your mindset of what you’re eating changes. If you don’t do it for yourself, then who’s going to do it?

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