If you’re looking to lose weight
There’s no need to hesitate
Once you’ve met the likes of Shari
Not a minute more you’ll tarry
A true godsend did I find
Someone caring, sweet and kind
I right away was put at ease
When she divulged her recipes
She taught me how to plan ahead-
Something that I used to dread
New habits now, I won’t go back
Instead of chips, on nuts I’ll snack
A wealth of knowledge, she’ll dole out advice-
This guru of health could speak volumes ’bout rice!
She keeps me on the straight and narrow
With weight-loss tips, like eating farro
If some weeks you tip the scale
You won’t feel like you did fail
No matter if you lose or gain
Your weight is bound to wax and wane
To every word you say, she’ll listen
There ain’t nothing she’ll be missin’
For each client there’s a folder
Filled with everything they’ve told her!
She’ll recognize each client’s need
And as such they will pay heed
Her advice, it being sound
Will make it hard to gain a pound!
It’s all about portion control
Not about eating until full
Why eat when you’ve had enough-
There’s no point in getting stuffed
I learned it’s easy to eat well
As if under Shari’s spell
No wacky diets, fads or cults
Just eating right, you’ll see results
One so caring and so kind
You would be hard-pressed to find
She has a way to motivate-
Rest assured you will lose weight!

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