In my quest of trying to be super organized and trying to be ahead of myself for everything that involves Passover, I have learned that patience is probably the #1 thing that you need. Although my family would beg to differ and swear it’s the brisket or turkey stuffing or apple cake, for me it’s definitely patience!

Monday I decided to make lemon meringues – for some silly reason I never think that I have enough to serve my guests and always add something else to my menu. Anyways, I whipped up the egg whites, added the sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and grated lemon peel and then watched the beaters do their magic. The only problem was that there was no magic – no real fluffiness of the whipped egg whites, but I baked them on a low temperature for an hour anyways, and then let them sit for another hour in the warm oven.
Those flat wafer like things in the picture on the bottom right, that’s my 1st attempt! I sampled a few, they tasted fine and for a split second I kinda closed my eyes to the fact that they did not resemble fluffy cloud like meringues at all! I don’t even want to tell you how many of these wafer cookies I made because one batch couldn’t be enough!
I made another batch. This time I let my Kitchen Aid stand mixer do its job! It takes about 25 minutes to whip up the egg whites so they are nice and glossy and hold their shape! It’s slower when you watch so I folded the laundry, I read the paper again, I really just tried to distract myself so the time would go by. And it did! The meringues came out nice and fluffy:) My meringues aren’t perfect, but that’s ok:)
Note to self – be patient. Not only with cooking, but with life in general. Things have a way of getting done and working out. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves for the shortcuts that we take in order to get there faster. But truth be told, slow and steady does win the race and you can’t sweat the small stuff!
Do you find yourself overwhelmed at times and have no patience? I hear you! How about those meringues? Did they work out for you?
As always, I’d love to hear from you!! Please share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below:)
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