Do you ever hear the words ‘There’s nothing to eat!’ or have you said them yourself? And when you open your fridge door, and close it, and then open it again and still see nothing appealing, what do you take instead?? A handful of chips? Or maybe a handful of chocolate chips!

In the summer it’s so easy to eat more than you intend too. People drop by more often, you may find yourself going out during the week more often and are more social.  And why not?  One of the first things that I suggest to my friends and clients is to be prepared at home. I know I repeat myself, but I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to get into the habit of prepping foods and having things available and in a clear view when you open that fridge door!
This isn’t just about doing things to lose weight – it’s for people who have kids and they want to set a good example, it’s for empty nesters, it’s for young adults who have moved out on their own, it’s for people who live by themselves, it’s for you and it’s for me:)
Those strawberries and melons and blueberries all were bought with good intentions. But if you put away your groceries and leave them in the fridge drawers, they can end up staying there and getting yucky and moldy.  Containers!!! Wash – cut – peel – whatever it takes to have them ready so when you need a snack or something for lunch/dinner, you’re covered and are good to go:)
Sounds easy enough but I know when I get lazy and just stick those 2 beautiful baskets of Quebec strawberries in the fridge drawer, when I look at them the next day, that vibrant shade of red has faded and the berries have turned soft:(  And if this happens to me, it can happen to you too!
So, what are we going to do? Make a pact with yourself. If you aren’t in the habit of prepping your fruit and veggies, start now. Today is the day!
Do you prep your fresh fruits and veggies?? I’d love to hear from you!
Please share in the comments below what you do and any tips that you may have:)



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