In the Summer the grocery stores and markets are bursting with colorful fruits and veggies. Although it’s so inspiring, I tend to get lazy at times and really have to push myself to create new salads etc. Do you ever feel like that?

And with the weather so nice, it’s hard to be in the kitchen when I’d rather be outdoors on my balcony!  When I’m working I don’t always have time to prepare in advance and I like and need to have things ready, or at least partially ready, when I get home.
So what do I do? I rely on my go to tools that help me put a little twist in some dishes and help me to plan and be organized. If I don’t have things readily available, I’ll just grab ‘whatever’ and ‘whatever’ always leads to more ‘whatevers’!! Change doesn’t happen overnight. By starting to incorporate even 1 or 2 of these tips, they will become habits that will be part of your lifestyle. Trust me on this:)
Here are things that I use on a regular basis:
1. Grater:
  • I love grating lemon, lime or orange peel into my salads and dressings – it makes it ‘pop’!
2. Citrus Juicer Press:
  • Use freshly squeezed juice from lemons, limes and/or oranges when making your dressings and marinades rather than the bottled ones. You’ll taste the difference!
3. Spiralizer:
  • Try a fresh spin on zucchini and other veggies in your salads, stir fry’s or sauces. The texture changes the taste too and adds fun:)
4. Scissors to cut herbs:
  • These scissors make it easy to add fresh herbs to everything and anything – thanks Tamara for the great gift!
5. Blender:
  • Duo purpose here – I love my Ninja blender for making healthy smoothies. Bonus is that it came with a smaller bowl that I use to make dressings that require ‘blending/pulsing’.
6. Whisk:
  • Sometimes a fork just doesn’t do the trick! I use my whisk to beat eggs, make fresh salad dressing, marinades and have several sizes.
7. Mason jars:
  • So many uses – storing fresh dressings, for spices, have your salads ready ‘to go’, nuts, chia seeds, raisins, cranberries… I could go on and on, can you tell that I love Mason jars?
8. Berry bowls:
  • Keep fresh berries in sight on your fridge shelf, great for grapes and I have a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the counter!
9. See through storage containers:
  • Keep prepped veggies and leftovers in containers. If it’s out of sight, you won’t use it or remember that you have it! Those canned chickpeas in your cupboard will be used if you rinse them and store them in a container.
10. Large plastic bowl:
  • It’s so much easier to prepare a huge salad ahead of time and take it as you need it! You know that can of chickpeas that you transferred into your container?  Add it and other items to your already made salad. You’ve now got your own salad bar at your disposal.
What do you think? As always, I’d love to hear what tools you use and any tips you have!
Please feel free to share in the comments below:)
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