There’s 2 weeks left until the first night of Passover. Is your house upside down yet, like mine?

I love this holiday. Although I dread the whole kitchen transformation and clean up, I truly enjoy sharing our Seder table with friends and family. Why is there always so much food!!

There’s plenty to do, even if you aren’t making a Seder (or 2!). I’ve been obsessing over my Passover lists for a few weeks now, revising my menus, looking at adding new dishes, redoing my shopping lists and hearing comments from my family like “What do you mean you’re not making turkey this year? What about the stuffing??” Everyone has their favorite foods and while my daughter Tamara doesn’t eat turkey, she does love my stuffing – she even has it for breakfast! Let it be known that I did buy a turkey and put it back on my menu.

Among the traditional ‘chicken soup/ matzo balls/ pickled salmon/ gefilte fish/ brisket/ tongue/ turkey/ stuffing/ chicken/ meatballs’ that you will find on my Seder table, I always have an assortment of many healthy side dishes for my guests to choose from. Everyone expects it as part of the tradition now too:)

Looking for Some New Ideas?

I make two Seders and most of these side dishes will be served for both nights:

  • 2 quinoa salads (one with fruit and one with veggies)
  • a hearts of palm salad with tomatoes and avocado
  • a fattoush salad (with matzoh in place of the pita)
  • grilled veggies and a huge salad (my sister in laws bring this!)
  • sweet and regular potatoes sliced in rounds and baked with a hint of honey, olive oil and fresh rosemary
  • a beet salad with spiced walnuts
  • a leek and cauliflower kugel
  • roasted eggplant

You notice I didn’t talk about desserts – that’s for the next blog post!

What sides dishes are you making? As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below:)

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