It’s so nice to see all the begonias and flowering plants brighten up the grocery stores, the markets – even Costco has their full garden assortment ready for the taking. While those hanging baskets are so tempting to buy, I know the weather isn’t consistent yet and those little flowering buds may not survive our unpredictable weather. I am so ready to plant my herbs outdoors too, but I know I have to wait.

Are you as impatient as I am? You know that it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring it indoors!!!! My kitchen windowsill has 4 African violet plants to cheer me up while I am preparing meals and even while I’m washing dishes. You notice what’s on my windowsill now??? I love love love (I know that I tend to say that alot when I’m really excited about something lol) having fresh basil, rosemary and chive plants at eye level when I am standing at my kitchen sink! The aroma and freshness of them really inspires me to use the herbs in different dishes. I love using fresh rosemary when I roast sweet and regular potatoes and in cookies – yes, you heard me – chocolate chip cookies!!! And basil..well what can I say? It really adds so much to many vegetable dishes, salad dressings and whatever else you use it in:)
Do you keep your herbs indoors until the weather permits? What do you keep indoors and what are you planning to plant outside??? As always, I’d love to hear from you!
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