Fall is beautiful and I just love seeing the trees bursting with shades of reds and oranges. But, along with this beauty the sun is setting earlier and the mornings are really dark. Is it just me or do you find with the change of seasons that you’re a little hungrier and constantly in the kitchen?

I keep opening and closing my fridge door, which is strange because I do the grocery shopping and know exactly what’s in there!!! And then I give myself the little talk ‘Shari – move away from the fridge and get out of the kitchen, you aren’t hungry!!’

I know that sometimes I get a little bit bored and find myself wandering in the kitchen, BUT other times, it’s really because I am hungry! Do you know what I am talking about? Does this ever happen to you? Well, it does to me!

There are so many different explanations for this and sometimes it’s just so hard to pinpoint just exactly what it is. So, #1 – Ask yourself if you’re eating enough protein and healthy fats with your meals. Or #2 – Are you eating too many veggies with nothing else using the rational that you’re going out for supper, so let’s save our ‘food’ for later?             Or #3 – Are you snacking too much during the day on foods that are sweet or salty? Or #4 – Are you snacking instead of eating meals?? Any one of these reasons could be the culprit of why you’re hungry!

And then there could be other reasons. A while back I noticed that whenever I ate a small bowl of my favorite Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt as my nightly snack, sometimes I wanted a second bowl. Not only that, but I used to wake up hungry and found it hard to stick to healthier choices during the day. BUT I noticed that if I curbed my yummy treats to either once or twice a week and on the other nights chose a bowl of fresh berries WITH either a square of Dark Lindt Chocolate (love the Intense Mint) crumbled over it, or with some nuts or yogurt– it left me feeling really satisfied and not wanting more. And I ate more mindfully during the day.

My advice – eat well during the day and choose foods that are unprocessed as much as possible. Try to eat a variety of different foods in proper portions, don’t leave out food groups and vary up your snacks! Then tell me how you feel and if you still are hungry!

Do you find it tough to eat healthier and more mindful in the Fall? What are some of the foods that help you out?

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments below and let’s keep this conversation going. You could always private message me as well!

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