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My Story:

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. Up and down, up and down. Can you relate? I’m sure that you have tried a zillion different diets, as I have, countless times. Although I always lost weight, it would always find me again, plus a little extra.

And I’m sure that you remember how it always seemed to go – once my weight started to come off, people started to notice and they were so complimentary. Think for a sec – do you remember how good it made you feel? I know it made me feel amazing and it certainly boosted my confidence.

If only I didn’t let my guard down and allowed myself that one teeny-weeny little piece of cake.


Oh my God, I forgot how good dessert was. Do you have a food that you have a hard time with? Sweets are my weakness and when I indulged, I just couldn’t stop. You would think that I knew better because this happened every single time, on every diet I was on. Once I ate ‘something yummy’ the guilt would set in – big time. I couldn’t seem to get back on track no matter what I did. I felt like a failure and I was incredibly disappointed and ashamed of myself.

I couldn’t understand why I could be so organized in every other aspect of my life. I was dependable and on top of things. My family was my priority, I had a business, volunteered for different charities, was Home & School President for my kids school and I was always ready whenever and wherever I was needed.

So, why couldn’t I lose weight AND keep it off? What was wrong with me? Have you ever asked yourself that?

I’m not sure how it happened, but something clicked. I knew that something had to change in order for me to keep off the weight I lost and keep on going.

I realized that if this was going to work, I had to find a way to include the foods that I loved into my new, healthier lifestyle. I needed to figure out where ice cream and chocolate fit in! Plus, I had to learn how to release the guilt that showed up every time I ate a treat. Trust me, I was nervous and scared but determined and through with “traditional dieting” and restrictive programs. I began to eat better and included more whole foods in my meals. No more relying on buying store prepared foods or diet foods that had no fat, no sugar or no calories (no taste either).

With my new attitude and a new set of strategies, I lost more weight, making my total weight loss 72 pounds and I’ve kept it off since 2006.

My dieting days are over and yours can be too!
I can’t wait to work with you on YOUR journey towards leading a healthier lifestyle and help you get to YOUR weight loss goals!

Work with Me!