#1 My all time favorite food is ice cream, cheesecake is a close 2nd.

#2 I haven’t had traditional “American” style Chinese food since 2005. Before I lost weight, we used to have it as our Sunday night family dinner and occasionally have it a second time (or third time) during the week too. I don’t have a taste for it anymore and prefer Thai food – delicious and much easier to make healthier choices.
#3 I used to have a cake decorating business for 7 years – best icing ever!! My friends and family will vouch for that and every once in a while my kids talk me into making one of my special birthday cakes for them.
#4 I make mmmm noises when I eat something that’s really good.
#5 Although I always ask the waiter at a restaurant to “tweak” my meal (sauce on the side, no extra oil etc.), I have no problem sharing a decadent dessert:)
After you’ve lost weight, everyone assumes that you eat nothing. Nothing good at least! And some of us don’t and won’t. That used to be me.
Do I eat french fries, chips or onion rings? No. Did I 11 years ago when I was 72 pounds heavier? Yes. So what’s changed? Me. I don’t miss ‘salty’ things, I ate them because everyone else did. And yes, I really enjoyed onion rings, but not enough that I crave it now. However, sweets are a different story!
Most of us like one or another – some of us both!! Sweets are my thing and years ago, whenever I was on another diet, I stayed away from them. Not now. I would love to indulge in a sweet treat every single day, but I don’t. If I did that my body would crave sugar and more sugar and more sugar…and then I would be out of control.
Instead of having an all or nothing attitude, I’ll indulge once or twice a week, but I’ll make sure to have healthier meals and snacks during the week! If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, if you NEVER indulge, never GIVE in….guess what would happen? Eventually you will miss it, inevitably have it, feel guilty, can’t stop, start gaining weight, panic…..sound familiar? That was my story and maybe yours too. It doesn’t have to be that way! Find a way to work in your favorite foods – whether it’s salty or sweet, a loaded baked potato or even lasagna! Be positive, baby steps and you’ll be able to do it!
Do you have a favorite food that you’ve just stopped eating or find hard to stop at just one? As always I’d love to hear from you!
Please share in the comments below:)
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